What is the traditional boxing hand wrap method?

Traditional best boxing wraps protect boxers’ hands, wrists, and knuckles. Boxers wear boxing wraps before putting hand wrap gloves. These hand wrap gloves will protect your hand muscles and provide proper additional support and stability to the fighter hand. It is an excellent choice for trainers and professionals.

Today’s blog will describe the best way to wrap traditional boxing wraps. Boxing wraps have a wrapping method. And if you wrap hand wraps for boxing in the proper way, then it will protect your hand and provide you with more stability and support.

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Method of wrapping

Follow the wrapping method step by step. But first, buy a professional pair of boxing hand wraps from Koed Sports.

Hand Stretching: First of all, stretch your hands. Relax your hand muscles. This is the most important step, as it flexes all your hand muscles.

Loop of Hand wrap: Then start with the thumb. There is a loop that is present in the boxing hand wrap. Place this loop around your thumb with the correct tension. Hand wraps for boxing are used to provide comfort. So, if this loop is too tight or loose, it may irritate fighters during punching.

Wear straight: Ensure that you wear hand wraps for boxing straight. The top side comes up. Otherwise, it will not be going well.

Wrap the wrist: After placing the thumb into the loop, it’s time to wrap the wrist. Wrap with boxing wraps for almost 2 to 3 times. This wrap provides proper support and stability for your wrist. You can add more wrapping around the wrist. The wrapping is according to the length of hand wrap boxing.

Wrap the hand: Then wrap your hand (palm). Pull the strap of the cloth around the back of your hand. Boxing hand wraps are used to wrap here almost three times, or according to the length of the hand wrap gloves.

Wrap the thumb: After wrapping your palm, wrap it one time around your wrist. And then start wrapping around your thumb. Secure your thumb properly with the help of the best boxing wraps.

Wrap the knuckles. Next is the main step. In this way, you can secure your knuckles with the help of hand wraps boxing. Wrap around the wrist again for one time. Then start securing your fingers with boxing hand wraps. Start wrapping the fingers from the little finger to the index finger.

Wrap the wrist (again): If the cloth is left then start wrapping around your hand again. Repeat the process again until the full length of hand wraps for boxing is covered around the boxer’s hand.

Boxing hand wrap Closure: Lastly, finish the process at the wrist. Secure the wrap with a closure lock. In traditional hand wraps for boxing, mostly Velcro closures are present. So, lock your boxing hand wraps with it.

Stretching (again): Stretch your hands. Check that the boxing hand wrap is too tight or loose, then open it and do the process again. Because comfort is a priority.

Some Do’s and Don’ts: During wrapping, always keep in mind that hand wrap boxing doesn’t have any wrinkles or lumps. Because lumps don’t stabilize your hand. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your hand straight and don’t curve your wrist. If your wrist is in a curved shape and you wrap boxing wraps around it, it may not reduce the risk of injuries and don’t stabilize your wrist.

Koed Sports provides the best hand wrap gloves that are the best boxing wraps. You must consider these boxing hand wraps if you’re a trainer or professional. They are of good quality and material. Traditional boxing hand wraps are of good length, so you can easily secure your knuckles and wrists from injuries.


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