Do I need to know my boxing hand wrap size before purchasing?

There are some fundamental components that every boxer uses inside their hand wrap gloves. Boxing hand wraps are one of them. This blog discusses the importance of the size of hand wraps for boxing. We discussed many essential factors in our other blog, which is about factors to consider before buying hand wraps for boxing. One of the main factors that should be considered is the length and width of the best boxing wraps. Check out Koed Sports for more information about it.

Length and Width

Each boxer has a unique hand structure. So, for smaller hands, 120 inches is okay. But for larger hands, 197 inches of hand wrap is typically used.

Some boxers prefer tape and gauze boxing wraps. Larger hands will get more benefits from this category of boxing wraps. Because they lack any specific measurements. It totally depends on your needs and comfort and how much you want to wrap around your hand. But if boxers prefer the traditional boxing wrap, which varies from 180 to 210 inches, this will provide boxers’ hands with more protection, support, and stability.

Take hand measurements.

Boxing Hand wraps come in different sizes, lengths, and widths. So, it’s a very essential factor that you have to measure your hand and then buy hand wraps for boxing. Otherwise, maybe it will not fit well in your hand. A larger hand needs more cloth to wrap around the hand for more protection. They have to secure their wrists, palms, and knuckles. So, they need more material if they want to wrap it two to three times around their hand. What if they buy 120-inch hand wraps boxing? Then the boxing hand wrap will wrap hardly one time around their hand. And one-time wrapping doesn’t reduce the risk of injury.

Size guideline

Every brand contains size guidelines that help every buyer. If you’re a professional or trainer, you must know about your sizing. And you know best which size gives you extra foaming and protects your hand from injuries. But if you’re a beginner and have no idea about the sizing of boxing hand wrap, then consult with us; the management of Koed Sport will guide you about it.

A size chart is present on brands that describe which type of hand wrap gloves will be feasible for which hand circumferences. You can also measure your hand size on your own. By using fabric tape, string, and measurement tape. You can gauge the size of your hand.

Recommended Size

If you need a boxing hand wrap that can fit every type of hand. Hand wraps for boxing are an essential aspect that boxers never neglect. Because these best boxing wraps are used to provide support and stability, 180-inch boxing hand wraps always work best.

Why does a 180-inch boxing hand wrap work best?

180-inch hand wrap boxing works excellently for every size of hand. WHY? Because it accommodates all sizes.

  • For smaller hands, you can wrap accordingly, but you can wrap and secure your hand with the remaining material.
  • For larger hands, 180-inch boxing wraps secure the fighter’s hand properly.

But if your hand is extra-large and 180 inches is not enough for you, then you can customize boxing hand wraps for you, or you can go for tape and gauze or gel wrap.


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