What makes a hand wrap Mexican style?

If you need hand wraps for boxing that are elasticated enough and provide proper stability, then go for a Mexican-style hand wrap for boxing. This blog contains information about Mexican boxing hand wraps. These are good standard wraps and provide you with proper protection and stability.

Types of Hand Wraps

There are many types of boxing hand wrap, but they mostly consist of two types.

  • Traditional boxing wraps
  • Mexican hand wraps

Both types of boxing wraps have similar functions and roles, but one main difference that is present in these boxing wraps is that Mexican boxing wraps are more elasticated than the traditional boxing hand wraps. Mexican boxing hand wraps have elasticity and stretchability that make your hand more stable, fit, and a little bit easier. They can fit on your hands tighter and provide a proper shape to your hands, so you can easily wear hand wrap gloves above them.
If you’re looking for the classic Mexican boxing hand wrap, then you just found it here. Koed Sports provides the best boxing hand wraps that are elasticated and made up of polyester, nylon, and cotton that are friendly to your hands. Nylon material is used that makes best boxing wraps more elasticated.

Factors to consider before buying

There are two main factors that you have to consider before buying any hand wraps for boxing. Firstly, you have to choose the style, like whether you want traditional boxing hand wraps or Mexican elasticated hand wraps boxing. Mexican boxing hand wraps are flexible and provide comfort to your hands in a way, and they also don’t loosen up during a match or training.

The second factor that you might consider is the length of the Mexican hand wraps. You can choose the length of your hand wraps boxing according to your hand size or structure. 4.5-meter-long elasticated boxing hand wraps work for everyone. The boxer with a short can wrap more from this long elasticated boxing hand wrap, and the boxer with a larger can also wrap this perfectly.

Reasons to wear Mexican boxing hand wraps

Boxing hand wrap, of course, becomes every boxer’s or puncher’s hand saver. But some people don’t have any idea how to wear them. They need to search for their proper way of dressing. Let’s explain to you with an example how important a Mexican style of boxing hand wrap is.

During a match, a boxer can use their hands for multiple purposes. The first main purpose is to punch the other, and the other main purpose is to block the other’s punch. So, when you give a strike to them here, hand wraps for boxing come that protect your knuckles and wrists and provide a proper padding function. So, your muscles don’t hurt during punching. Hand wraps for boxing are also working during blocking. If you cover yourself from your hands and another opponent punches on the back of the hand or sideline of your hand, then hand wraps boxing also protects you here. They are providing padding for small bones and muscles.


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