What are the rules for wrist wraps?

For any combat sport, wrist boxing wraps are an essential accessory that provide support and stability to the wrist during heavy lifting. This blog contains information about the general rules of wrist wrapping.

Wrist boxing hand wraps are very beneficial for exercise or for punching. The wrist boxing wraps have the ability to absorb shocks and protect your hand or wrist from injury. But first, you must ensure that you buy the best boxing wraps and learn the correct way to wear wrist hand wraps for boxing.

Ways of wrapping wrist wraps

For wrapping, there is a very general way that is stated. You have to first hold the wrist boxing hand wrap and locate the thumb. After locating the thumb, start wrapping around the slightly bent wrist, then wrap the bottom of your palm (create layers according to your wrist hand wraps boxing length), secure the wrap with the respective closure, and repeat the same process on the other wrist.

  • Never wrap the wrist wrap too low on the arm side.
  • During wrapping, gradually increase the tightness of the wrist wrap according to your needs.
  • Always start wrapping with the thumb and then clench in a fist for good wrapping.
  • For flexibility, use cotton wrist wraps.
  • For rigidity, use an elastic or polyester wrist wrap.

Wraps for lifters

For lifters, wraps are mainly of three types.

  • Wrist wrap
  • Knees wrap
  • Elbows wrap

There are some rules for wrist wraps in powerlifting, like the length not exceeding 1 meter and the width not exceeding 8 cm, because these measurements of wrist boxing hand wraps are best suited for you. Wrist boxing wrap material must be a combination of polyester and cotton, as this is the most common material used in boxing hand wraps. It’s better to buy wraps from a reputable brand that provides you with the best boxing wraps and also assists you with their use.

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Choose wrist wraps of appropriate length and practice with the wrist before the competition to ensure safe play. Otherwise, sometimes new wrist hand wraps for boxing start irritating, so it’s better to practice for a checkup. The major mistake that beginners make is that they do not remove the thumb loop, so that goes against federation rules and regulations.

Wrapping around the wrist must be neutral, as it doesn’t work when the wrist wrap is too tight and you lift heavy weights. It’s so uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the wrist wrap is too loose, you will not be able to lift more weight in a comfortable way.

Reasons to wear wraps

The main reason for wearing a wrist boxing hand wrap is to provide stability and support to the joints. During heavy lifting, hand wraps boxing works great in providing additional support to the wrist and also helps to keep the wrist in one place so that sudden strokes don’t injure the wrists. As a wrist wrap provides a proper grip that makes you feel stronger because your joints are stable, it makes you feel lighter.


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