Do I need hand wraps as a beginner?

The simplest answer to this question is yes! It’s essential for everyone to wear boxing hand wraps behind the boxing gloves. Some people question why I would wear a hand wrap when I have the best pair of boxing gloves. The simple answer to this question is that the boxing wrap will not only provide you with stability and support, but it will also protect your hand wrap gloves from tearing. Hand wraps for boxing are used to provide a layer behind the pair of boxing gloves, and this layer will give you a proper fitting that stabilizes the boxer’s hand and makes the fight more comfortable.

As a beginner, you need to wear a boxing hand wrap. It’s necessary for you, as it provides you with a lot of benefits and enhances your performance in the ring. As a newcomer to the training center, you have to bear the heavy punches if you want to stand in the ring. So, hand wraps boxing will give you a lot of benefits, some of which are mentioned below in this blog.

  • Hand wraps boxing is used as layers behind gloves, so these layers of boxing hand wrap will give you proper padding. This padding creates a cushioning effect that protects your knuckles from injuries.
  • Hand wraps for boxing stabilize your wrist and help you prevent strains and sprains. Proper wrapping around the wrist will reduce the stressful movement on the wrist.
  • If any injury occurs, boxing hand wraps also work as a recovery. They also aid in healing.
  • Boxing hand wraps bind all the bones of the hand together; even the thumb is protected with boxing wraps. So, during a sudden movement, your hand bones are rigid, and there is less chance of any injury.
  • The best boxing wraps also have the ability to absorb the shocks that are created during heavy punches or from any sudden movement.
  • Boxing hand wrap is also used to protect your hands’ skin. The proper wrapping around your hands and gloves over them protect every side of your hand’s skin from damage.
  • Hand wraps for boxing also work as fillings for boxing gloves. Suppose you wear joggers without socks. Is this irritating you? This same thing works with boxing wraps. They work as a filler that will cover all the loose areas in these boxing gloves.


Boxing hand wraps are an imperative component for every boxer, but if you are a beginner, they are extremely important for you. They will protect your bones and muscles from any injury. But all these uses are useless if you don’t wear boxing wraps in the proper way. So, read out about the proper method of wearing boxing hand wrap that gives you each and every piece of information. Wear hand wraps boxing by stretching your hand and checking that the wraps are not too loose or too tight. It’s better to consult your trainer before buying a pair.

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