Boxing Hand Wraps – 4.5 meter long Elasticated Blue Hand Wrap




Every boxer knows the importance of hand wraps because they are used for protection, and beginners especially focus on protecting their knuckles. They want to secure their wrists during punching. So, technically, they need a hand wrap that is used to secure their wrists and knuckles from injury. However, finding the ideal pair of hand wraps and wearing them properly presents another issue.

A good set of hand wraps that lower the danger of injuries is essential for every boxer. However, boxers don’t get full protection from injuries if these hand wraps aren’t applied to the hand in the correct manner. So, for proper protection, you need to learn more about the perfect pair of hand wraps and how to wear them. Start utilizing hand wraps right now to get the best hand and wrist safety for your punching training.

These hand wraps are for those whose hand sizes are larger than normal, or if anyone wants to add bulk to their gloves to secure their hands from injuries, or if anyone wants long hand wraps so they can wrap more over their knuckles, they can also use this great long hand wrap that is almost 157 inches long.


The point that is to be noted is that boxers wear hand wraps to protect their wrists and knuckles from injuries; otherwise, if boxers avoid hand wraps, they run the danger of suffering serious finger and wrist harm. Let’s discuss some major benefits of using the right and correct pair of hand wraps:

  1. Hand wraps are used to ensure extra protection, as they are mostly used to protect the knuckles.
  2. Hand wraps decrease the direct impact and also reduce the risk of injury.
  3. Hand wraps also prevent knuckles from splitting or colliding with each other.
  4. Hand wraps also protect the puncher’s fragile hand bones that are present in their hands.
  5. Hand wraps also stabilize and support the puncher’s wrist and keep it straight, which helps to decrease the risk of injuries.
  6. Hand wraps also reduce sudden movements and external shocks.
  7. Due to hand wraps, your hand gets extra padding, and this padding actually protects your knuckles and provides support for your wrist.

However, if you want good protection, buying a pair of hand wraps is not enough. You also need to be sure you wrap your hands properly so that you receive the most amount of protection while punching.

So, these quick hand wraps are easy to use, provide proper support, and are washable. Just get out your favorite pair of hand wraps from KOED Sports. The hand wraps that we provide are the ones that are the longest and have a proper grip, so your hands get protection from friction burn, and our hand wraps are easy to use, so you don’t have to tackle wrapping techniques. That’s Great! Get your pair Today.



Length: 4.5 m long

To increase the durability and comfort of hand wraps, they are made of nylon and cotton. Their material is durable and works best when punching. It can be used for different types of combat sports like MMA, Karate, Thai, BJJ, and many more.

Closure: Hook and Loop

Women’s boxers need proper support against their wrists, so here Koed Sports gives you the most comfortable closure, so the strap will fit according to your hand structure and your wrist will keep straight, which reduces the risk of injury.

The fabric that is used in hand wraps is of good quality, doesn’t produce a foul smell, and keeps your hands fresh.


The boxing hand wraps provide great support for your wrist, and the durable material is comfortable to use. All the lining and stitching are according to the new fashion statement and strong enough to make it more comfortable during training.

High Quality

The hand wraps are of great quality and provide support for your palm. The elastic material is designed to provide proper comfort, and their material is easy to wash and easy to use, which makes your life easy.

Flat-locked seams

For fashion statements as well as for comfort, stitching is the best way to provide extra support, and it also lies in the behavior of styling.

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