What are boxing hand wraps and why do I need them?


There are different types of combat sports, and boxing is also one of them. In boxing, there are two participants who punch each other. So, the most crucial gear in boxing is boxing gloves. But only boxing gloves don’t play well because, for a different type of reason, boxers’ hands don’t fit well. For a great fit, boxers need to wear the best boxing hand wraps. They keep their wrists straight and provide proper support for them. To punch your opponent with proper technique, boxers need to add the best boxing hand wraps from Koed Sports to their protection gear.

Boxing hand wraps

Boxing Hand wraps are long straps. That is worn around the palm. These straps are made up of nylon and pure cotton. They are easy to use and washable. When you wear hand wraps for boxing, that ultimately enhances your confidence. Because you feel comfortable and safe. It is an essential element in protective gear that is used by fighters.

How do I wear hand wraps?

It’s not simple wrapping. If you wrap it with a proper technique, it plays more well. Here’s some detail about how to wear it, and if you need more detail on it, you can contact Koed Sports.

  • You can start to wear a hand wrap from the thumb side.
  • Then, after wrapping your thumb, you can wrap the strap of hand wraps for boxing around your wrist and fold them properly for proper stability and support.
  • Then move forward and cover your hand, knuckles, and fingers.
  • After wrapping your knuckles, wrap between your fingers to provide extra wrapping for more protection that may reduce the risk of injury.
  • Then again, cover your wrist and give them proper support and stability.
  • If the strap is still left behind, then you can wrap your thumb again, which may secure your thumb from sudden movements.

Be sure to keep the wraps not too tight, so your circulation will be maintained and your hand feels comfortable. Most of the hand wraps have a hoop or loop closure or Velcro at the end of the loop. So, use the closure to secure the wrap around your hand.

Benefits of Boxing Hand Wraps

Numerous advantages of the best boxing hand wraps may convince you that you urgently need hand wraps for boxing. Following are some benefits of the best hand wraps:

  • Hand wraps are used to support your wrists and keep them straight so your joints may stabilize when punching.
  • Hand wraps for boxing cover your palm in a way that may protect your hand from sudden, unwanted movements.
  • Due to several folds of the best hand wraps, extra padding will protect your knuckles from friction and keep your wrist straight. Extra padding works as a cushion that reduces the risk of abrasions.
  • Hand wraps for boxing boost the grip of the hand inside the gloves. Their material will absorb the moisture, so hands will not be sweaty and the grip may be enhanced.

Hand wraps for boxing are a professional need for fighters. With hand wraps, boxers feel comfortable, and when they know that hand wraps reduce the risk of injury, it may boost their confidence and improve their punching performance.

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