What size options are available for your hand wraps?

Numerous options are available. But it can be great to choose the right pair of hand wraps for boxing. If you are a beginner, you need proper guidance. But if you are a pro, you may need professional hand wraps for boxing in standard sizes that may fit best for you. There are different sizes of hand wraps that are available for training and professional use. Whether you are looking for men’s hand wraps, women’s hand wraps, the best hand wraps with high quality, or training, you are in the right place.

How do I choose the best hand wraps?

In simple words, hand wraps are long fabric strips. They are worn around the hand. They protect and provide support for your hand. You have to buy hand wrap according to your requirements and hand structure. A few things you need to consider while buying the best hand wraps for boxing are given below:

Hand wraps, which will provide more comfort.
The one with breathable quality.
The one that will suit you best
The one that is according to your hand size
Hand wrap with a bearable weight
The one that provides stability and protection.
By taking these factors into mind, you can choose the right pair of hand wraps for boxing.

Size Options

There are different sizes of hand wraps. Here’s a closer look at hand wrap size options.


The shortest option in hand wraps is mostly chosen by boxers who wrap hand wraps with a proper technique. They feel uncomfortable with the extra layering of straps. This hand wrap is mostly 108 inches. People with small hands also prefer 108-inch hand wraps for their use.


Fighters with normal-sized hands prefer these medium-sized hand wraps. Or the one who avoids extra bulk also prefers this size. These medium-sized hand wraps are 120 inches.


Most fighters use this standard size. This is a 180-inch hand wrap. This 180-inch hand wrap is mostly preferable. Fighters with large hands or those who feel comfortable with extra padding prefer this 180-inch hand wrap.

The most preferable size of hand wraps

180 inches is the most preferable size. These 180-inch hand wraps will cover the whole hand, fingers, knuckles, and wrist. 180 hand wraps will also create extra padding around the knuckles and wrists for more protection and support. This 180-inch hand wrap will provide tolerable support, so your wrist, thumb, knuckles, and fingers will be secure from sudden movements.

This 180-hand wrap is also used by professional boxers who feel comfortable with extra bulk. The bulk may reduce the risk of bone fractures and injuries. Professional fighters will punch harder. So extra bulk around their knuckles protects them from friction burns and doesn’t collide their fingers with each other.

Beginners also prefer these 180-inch hand wraps, as they need more padding that reduces the risk of injuries. Hand wraps also boost confidence. So, they will punch with full strength and assurance if the fighter feels comfortable. Hope this blog guides you well, so now you can choose the best option for your hand health.

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