What type of material is used for boxing hand wraps?

Hand wraps are long strips that are worn around the palm for protection against unwanted injuries, and they also provide proper support and stability to the wrist. Nowadays, every boxer is aware of this protective gear that serves different types of benefits, like

  • Provide support for the wrist.
  • Protect your knuckles from friction burns.
  • Extra wrapping works as a cushion that may reduce the risk of injuries.

Another main thing that you may need to consider as a boxer is which material is used for boxing hand wraps and whether it is capable of enhancing your performance or not. You have to choose the best boxing gloves from the best store that will surely meet your needs. We suggest you take boxing hand wraps from Koed Sports, which play a vital role in comfort and effectiveness. Some of the essential factors you need to consider in the materials of the best handguard wrap are listed below:

Classic Choice

The most common and classic choice of hand wraps are cotton hand wraps, which are made up of natural cotton fibers. They are easy to use, washable, flexible, and breathable. These enhance the durability of boxing hand wraps and gloves. The cotton hand guard wrap will absorb moisture and enhance stability. The cotton material doesn’t irritate the boxer’s hand. This material is a full package of comfort.

Elastic Hand wraps

The hand wrap material contains a mixture of cotton, elastane, and nylon that elasticates the boxing hand wraps. The quality of stretchability will be capable of fitting into any type of hand structure. Due to its stretchability, hand guard wrap will wrap securely around the palm and wrist and provide proper support that will reduce the risk of injuries.

Breathable and moisture-absorbing

The most important factor in the material of boxing hand guard wraps is the one that allows moisture to absorb and be breathable. High-Quality hand guard wraps from Koed Sports will allow moisture to evaporate, so the dampness will not uncomforting the boxer. Pure cotton is an excellent choice for training, as it is so comfortable to use.


Wraps for hand guards of higher quality will last longer. Boxing hand wrap gloves’ lifespan is also increased by using them. Daily users need a pair of hand wraps that will last longer as they wash and use them regularly.

Mixture of Materials

The advanced one contains different types of materials that will enhance the performance of hand guard wraps. The blended fabric will increase durability and breathability, absorb more moisture, and provide more protection that offers a proper fit around the palm.

If you want to maintain a balance between protection, stability, and longevity of hand guard wraps, then you need to invest in a pair of hand wraps that are of higher quality. Shop at Koed Sports. They have hand guard wraps that will enhance boxers training performance. Well, everyone has their own choices according to their requirements and size, so choose a high-quality hand wrap according to your needs that reduces the risk of injuries.

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