Can you reuse hand wraps boxing?

Are you looking for some general information about boxing hand wraps? So, this blog is related to hand wraps and contains some general information about them.

All about hand wraps for boxing

Boxing hand wraps are used to protect your hand, wrist, and knuckle from a sudden stroke. The best boxing wraps have the ability to absorb shocks and protect the bones and tendons in your hands. Every boxer needs to wear a boxing wrap, as it is essential equipment. Hand wraps boxing comes in different shapes and sizes, and they are also differentiated on the basis of their material.

During boxing, hand injuries are very common, so hand wraps for boxing are used to protect your bones and joints from damage and provide extra protection by adding cotton along the knuckle line behind the boxing wraps. Ensure to make a fist before wrapping boxing hand wraps and wrap in a way that blood can circulate easily.

Types of boxing wraps

Boxing hand wraps are of two types:

  • Disposable boxing hand wrap
  • Reusable boxing hand wrap

Disposable one can be used for one time, but reusable hand wrap boxing is the most popular type that everyone uses. They are easy to use, washable, and can be used again and again. Traditional boxing hand wraps and Mexican elasticated boxing hand wraps can be made up of cotton and nylon. These pieces of cloth can be used multiple times. There is a proper way to clean these fabric strips. If you clean your boxing hand wrap timely, then their longevity also increases and bad smells also don’t occur.

Gel wraps are not used to re-wrap again, but they are the easiest type of boxing hand wrap. On the other hand, wrapping tapes are also not reusable. They are only available for a limited time. If you wear gauze tape again, it doesn’t work because it loses its shape and doesn’t provide you with proper support.

If you are looking for traditional hand wraps boxing that are elasticated and have a great grip, check out Koed Sports, the best boxing wraps that have great longevity and also provide you with information about their cleanliness. Give them a call, and they will get right back to you!

Cleanliness facts about hand wraps boxing

The process of cleaning is different for every hand wrap. It is totally based on their material. It’s better to wash your boxing hand wrap on your hands, but if they are safe for machine washing, then you can also go for them. If you want your boxing wraps not to lose their shape, it’s better to never tumble dry. And never wear wet wraps, as they create more stickiness and bacteria. The general cleaning process is explained below:

  • Wash your hand wraps for boxing with Luke’s warm water.
  • You can use laundry detergent.
  • Soak the pair of best boxing wraps in the water for two to three hours.
  • Then hang them to air-dry.
  • Wrap them when they are properly dry.
  • You can use them for the next use.

You can use your boxing wraps several times, but it’s good to change the pair of wraps after some time. It totally depends on your wrap material and usage. But the average time is almost 5 months. So, for effective use, go for it.


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