What are the different types of wrist wraps?

For proper stability and grip, boxers use a wrist boxing wrap. This hand wraps for boxing is used to provide support and a level of protection. In this blog, we discuss some types of wrists wraps and their roles.

If you want to lift up some weight, you can also wear wrist hand wraps boxing. These wrist boxing wraps can provide proper support for your hand and your muscles, and boxers also wear them according to their needs. Behind the gloves, hand wraps for boxing play a role in proper protection.

Types of wrists according to material

There are three types of wrists, according to their material. This blog contains information about these three main styles of boxing hand wraps. Let’s determine the use of these types of boxing wraps by differentiating according to the good, better, and best ratios.

Type No. 1

According to the material, the first type is a nylon wrist boxing wrap. This boxing hand wrap provides a better level of support, versatility, and comfort, and it is also best for use. Most of the time, their closure is Velcro. These are very adjustable and popular hand wraps for boxing as they provide elasticity, and elastic hand wraps are used for stability and support. But after some time, their elasticity loses, they lack the level of support, and their closure may get loose.
These best boxing wraps work great for every type of lift. They provide you with proper support and protection.

Type No. 2

According to the material, the second type is cotton boxing wrap. They provide a good level of support and good versatility. They are easier to use and provide the best comfort. Their closure is of the string type. These hand wraps boxing are very soft, and they come in a longer length. They are easier to wash and have great flexibility. But for heavy lifts, this boxing hand wrap doesn’t work great.

Type No. 3

According to the material, the third type of wrist boxing hand wrap is made of leather. They are good for versatility, easy to use, and also provide good comfort. But they are best at providing a level of support. Most of the time, their closure is a buckle or Velcro. These hand wraps are much more durable and can offer extra support. But sometimes they are bulky, and a fighter feels uncomfortable.

Types of wrists according to their use

Powerlifting wrist wraps

For this purpose, the most durable best boxing wraps are used. The one that will have the power to provide heavy support will go for it here.

Weightlifting wrist wraps

For this purpose, boxing hand wraps that are less strong or robust than powerlifting boxing hand wraps will be used. Lighter material will be used in this boxing hand wrap.

Gymnastic wrist boxing hand wraps

For this purpose, you need a boxing hand wrap that will provide proper support and protect your hand muscles in such a way that they protect you from sudden strokes.

Cross-fit hand wraps

For CrossFit workouts, you need hand wraps that have high intensity and have breathable material with adjustable straps.

Yoga wrist wraps

For this purpose, boxing hand wraps will work to protect wrist joints during yoga. So, the wrist wrap has a comfortable material and can easily fit you. So, your focus doesn’t distract.

For different purposes, different wrist wraps will work. So, consult with a professional before buying a piece of wrist wrap.


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