What types of hand wraps are available in Alexandria City?

Any combat player needs hand wraps boxing. If you are a boxer and looking for something that protects your hand from injuries, hand wraps boxing comes here and plays a major role in it. If you’re living in Alexandria City and want hand wraps for boxing, you want to know which types of hand wraps are present or which one is doing their best in the boxing ring. This blog will help you a lot. We will describe every possible type of boxing hand wrap that is available in Alexandria City.

In Alexandria City, there are a lot of supermarkets that provide sporting goods like hand wrap gloves, boxing wraps, and many more. If you search locally on search engines for boxing hand wraps. Then Google will show you hundreds of results, and those results are about brands that offer boxing hand wraps. Some of them provide the best boxing wraps that last longer because of their durable materials.

Types of boxing hand wraps that are available in Alexandria City

Koed Sports is a brand that is located in Alexandria City and provides the best boxing wraps with the best quality. Boxing wraps are of different types and sizes. Koed Sports provides elasticated boxing wraps. They come in different colors but with great quality. Let’s take a closer look at every type of boxing hand wrap that is available.

Most used Boxing wraps are traditional hand wraps for boxing. It is made up of a piece of cloth or cotton. This is the most known, used, and easy-to-understand wrapping method for hand wraps for boxing. They provide proper support and protection for boxing hands. Another type of boxing hand wrap that is similar to traditional hand wrap gloves is the Mexican elasticated boxing hand wrap. These best boxing wraps are more elasticated than simple one. This enhancement of elasticity in boxing wraps will provide fighters with a safer fight. Elasticity stabilizes fighter hands more than non-elastic boxing wraps.

Another major type of boxing hand wrap is tape or gauze. This tape is used as a boxing wrap inside the boxing glove. Some boxers prefer tape and gauze wraps because they don’t have any restrictions and they fit on every hand structure. The tape also has the ability to provide support around the knuckles, hand (palm), and wrist.

Nowadays, some boxers also use gel wrap. This is not real hand wraps boxing, but their roles are similar. It is also used to provide a cushioning effect around the knuckles. Gel Pad protects knuckles and gives you a safer fight. It is a quick method. Some boxers use inner gloves because they are not comfortable with hand wraps or don’t know how to wrap them. So, they prefer inner gloves that work the same by providing support and stability.


In Alexandria, if you want to find the best boxing wraps, then you have to find top brands first, then take recommendations, read reviews, and find any one brand that offers them according to your requirements. After all this, you have to find a hand wrap that meets your needs.


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