How is the Mexican hand wrap method different?

Do you like more elastic boxing hand wraps? Mexican boxing hand wraps are the ones that fulfill your need by providing slightly extra elastic qualities. Traditional boxing hand wraps have the same attributes as Mexican boxing hand wraps. Mexican boxing wraps for boxing are also known as elastic bandages or elastic hand wraps for boxing.

Mexican boxing hand wrap

Mexican hand wrap boxing is a blend of polyester, as it provides a more cushioning effect on the knuckles and around the wrist. They are elastic enough. Why are elasticated boxing hand wrap gloves usually a safer option? Elasticity will be used to support the fighter’s hand, wrist, and knuckles. It also protects hand muscles from cracking. Elasticity hand wrap gloves are a comfortable option too. When a fighter wraps an elasticated boxing hand wrap around their hand, this elastic in boxing wraps has the ability to protect fighter hand tendons and ligaments. It provides proper support and stability for your hand. It also helps your hands stay warm. So, a boxer can punch easily.

Wrapping Method

The wrapping method is overall the same for all types of hand wraps boxing. The main difference is that Mexican boxing wraps are more elastic than traditional boxing hand wraps. In this blog, we will discuss the method of Mexican hand wrap boxing wrapping. The method is given below in this guide:

  1. You can start wrapping Mexican boxing wraps around your wrist. Wrap almost two to three times around the wrist.
  2. Then wrap around the thumb, then move toward the wrist and wrap one to two times.
  3. Then wrap the palm with hand wraps for boxing.
  4. Then wrap around the knuckles one to two times.

Here is a tip: you can create a cushioning gauge and place it on the knuckles. It will protect your knuckles and give them some support. So, fighters feel more comfort during punching. How do I create them? You can create it with the help of a boxing hand wrap. Just make padding by wrapping your fingers for almost five to seven times through best boxing wraps. Then remove it from your fingers and place them on knuckles, and knuckles get a cushion from hand wraps for boxing.

  • After placing this padding on the knuckles, just wrap around the knuckles again.
  • Then again, back toward the wrist, and wrap around them.
  • After wrapping the wrist properly, move towards the fingers again. Now wrap in between the little finger and ring finger and come around towards the thumb. Then the same process repeats between each finger.
  • Then come across the knuckles, hand, and wrist again. Wrap them properly by stretching your hands. To ensure that your hand is comfortable.
  • At last, tie the end of the hand wrap to tape or a hook.

The best boxing wraps are available at Koed Sports. They have elasticated best boxing wraps that are 4.5 meters long. The main purpose of boxing hand wrap is to keep hand joints in place. And it also reduces the risk of injuries. Some fighters feel that they need only normally padding, and some fighters want extra padding. So, you can wrap around your hand according to your needs. Inflexible and extra-thick hand wraps boxing are not feasible for fighters because they don’t secure their hands from injuries.

If you still feel any confusion in wrapping, we will assist you. Contact Koed Sports today.


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