Boxing Hand Wraps – 4.5 meter long Elasticated Green Hand Wrap


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Understanding the significance of hand wraps is crucial for every boxer, with a primary focus on safeguarding knuckles, especially among beginners. The purpose is to ensure protection for both wrists and knuckles during punches. However, the challenge lies in finding the right pair of hand wraps and mastering the proper technique for wearing them.

Essential for minimizing injury risks, a quality set of hand wraps is a must-have for boxers. However, the effectiveness of hand wraps in injury prevention depends on the correct application. To attain optimal protection, it is imperative to delve into the selection of the perfect hand wraps and the proper method of wearing them. Begin utilizing hand wraps promptly to ensure the utmost safety for your hands and wrists during punching training.

Tailored for individuals with larger hand sizes or those seeking additional padding for glove bulkiness, our extended hand wraps, measuring almost 157 inches, offer a versatile solution. These wraps provide comprehensive coverage over knuckles, ensuring enhanced protection.


The fundamental reason boxers embrace hand wraps is to shield their wrists and knuckles from potential injuries. Neglecting hand wraps exposes boxers to the risk of severe finger and wrist harm. Explore the key advantages of employing the right pair of hand wraps:

  1. Knuckle protection: Hand wraps offer an additional layer of safeguarding, primarily focusing on knuckle protection.
  2. Impact reduction: Hand wraps minimize direct impact, thereby lowering the overall risk of injury.
  3. Prevention of knuckle collisions: Hand wraps prevent knuckles from splitting or colliding with each other.
  4. Protection of fragile hand bones: These wraps safeguard the delicate hand bones, providing added support.
  5. Wrist stabilization: Hand wraps stabilize and support the wrist, maintaining a straight position to reduce injury risks.
  6. Mitigation of sudden movements and external shocks: Hand wraps help control abrupt movements and shield against external shocks.
  7. Extra padding for knuckle and wrist support: The added padding offered by hand wraps ensures protection for knuckles and provides crucial support for wrists.

However, obtaining a pair of hand wraps is just the initial step. Proper wrapping technique is essential to maximize protection during punches.

Our quick hand wraps are user-friendly, offer optimal support, and are easily washable. Obtain your preferred pair from KOED Sports, known for providing the longest wraps with a secure grip, protecting against friction burns. Enjoy the convenience of easy usage without the need for intricate wrapping techniques.



Crafted from a durable blend of nylon and cotton, our hand wraps enhance durability and comfort, making them suitable for various combat sports like MMA, Karate, Thai, BJJ, and more.


Tailored for women boxers, our hand wraps feature a comfortable hook and loop closure, ensuring a secure fit based on hand structure. This design promotes wrist alignment, reducing injury risks.

The high-quality fabric used in our hand wraps is odor-resistant, keeping your hands fresh and comfortable.


Providing excellent wrist support, our boxing hand wraps boast durable material, aligned with contemporary fashion standards, and feature robust stitching for enhanced comfort during training.


Our hand wraps exhibit superior quality, offering substantial palm support. The elastic material ensures comfort, ease of washing, and straightforward usage, simplifying your training routine.


Designed for both style and comfort, the flat-locked seams provide additional support and contribute to a stylish appearance.

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